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The music rose up
and cradled her soul
with warmth and comfort
she had long forgotten.

She longed to go "home"
to this strange new time
that the notes
had made just for her.

Wandering, restless spirits
bid her fly with them
to long forgotten memories
awash with the tears of her soul.

With eyes blind to love
she opened her arms
and flew deep within herself
to the music.

And the wash of the notes
took the beat of her heart
and began the healing
with memories of tomorrow.

And in it she saw
the lost little girl
who gave up claim to her soul.

And the spirits and the music
and the little girl inside her...

Coffee and Talk of Gates

Morning coffee talks
and still warm days
wrap a cloak of safety
forging friendships bonds.

Tearing gently from rememberances
hurricane eyes
and false security
and a dream of wildflower seas.

Mixing hopes and dispairs
in disproportionate amounts
in illusion's hope
of a rainbow's end.

Like photo's taken on an overcast day
and left too long to dry,
they sorted through their memories,
saving only the best.

This mismatched pair,
life's castaways,
found in each other

"Your gates and locks
won't keep them out."
came the gentle reprimand;
For he knew the sun must shine
to dry the river of tears.

How like magic were the words,
spoken from a battle scarred heart.
And she knew her walls were slowly falling.


Another journey into the day
for treasures and pleasures.
Warming shafts of golden breath
light the way.

Eyes averted, lest she view
the faces behind the masks.
A presence felt, more than seen,
bid her joy this day.

Souls connect in realms unknown
and travel lifetimes touching.
Eyes dont always see
the things they should.
And so it was this day.

Cloaking, warm and protective,
wrapped shades of violet around her
holding the world at bay.

Seagulls swooped to take their fill
of the remains of summers last fling.
Seashells offered up their charm
to hold pennies or hairclips;
not seeming to mind their fate at all.

Where were her cries, like the gulls?
Perhaps burried in clambeds safe from view.
Or nestled amongst the dune grasses
waiting for the sunset.


Night observations
cat like quiet
held in private
for the stars alone to witness.

Diamonds hurled through the heavens
for her pleasure alone
left tails of silver
across her sky.

Relocated lilacs,
assorted thrown away flora
tenderly nursed to health
gave minimal illusion
of a secret garden
of healing and peace.

Mind swirls, as she called them,
bid her travel
to lands foreign
and safe.

She made a temple
to some unknown force
of serenity
and she prayed.

Humbled heads were not the way.
So spreading her arms to the diamond showers
she gave her praise
and sang her tribute
in silence and awe.

Musings On The Rooftop

In her rooftop garden
she could hear the winds call her name.
It was only with their voice
that she questioned it not
for it seemed so right.

"An apple is an apple
because we have named it thus
and calling it a starfish
won't make it so."
came the answer
to her unspoken question.
"And must you question everything?"

"I have no answers though
and it seems the logical thing to do.
How else am I to know?" she whispered
to the gentle breezes and the muse.

She longed to be a rainbow,
endless and with promise.
Or the eagle with its grace
and majesty.

How unlike herself she wished to be.


"They speak to us without words
these spirit guides of old.
Sending us to searches
deep within ourselves.

Seldom do we hear them
with their gentle whisperings.
So we look outwards
instead of in."

Thus he spoke
to the girl with the searching eyes,
for he could see the questions
and the longing.

"If, when I look inside,
I see not myself, then what?"

"It is yourself and all your ages past.
Opening your spirit to it's own will
without fear is the key."
spoke the gentle man with the battle scarred soul.

So the world spun around her
and touched upon the key
allowing her to dance
with her own spirit
coming to harmony with herself.

And the dance was long in coming
and wonderous and free.
She gave herself up to it
and the eagle soared
and her home was found.

Tears fell like crystal blood
cleansing wounds and leaving traces
of healing.
And the world came into focus
for the girl with the searching eyes.