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These are stories inspired by Paradise Alley, a small, gated community in New York's East Village, a collection of small apartment buildings, enclosing a cobblestone courtyard, festooned with gargoyles.

The inhabitants of Paradise Alley were mainly artists, musicians, poets and the like and in the saga they remain so.

Three locked gates secured the relative safety of the residents of Paradise Alley.

The complex contained 12 four story apartment buildings, each containing 8 apartments: mostly large studio style apartments. In the center of the community was a communal courtyard, in the center of which were three small patches of earth enclosed by wrought iron fences.

The atmosphere of Paradise Alley was laid back and friendly, although not at all uncaring or overwhelming in nature.

Things just seemed to "happen" in Paradise Alley. Impromptu jams by the many musicians who lived there, communal poetry readings, etc.

Come meet the residents of Paradise Alley as seen through the eyes of the strange young girl on the fire escape.


I have been writing for as long as I can remember. Stories from life as well as imagination. The Paradise Alley Saga began as a post on a chat room message board. It was fairy well received, although I don't think it was understood. It represented an end. An end of an era. An end of a way of life. An end of innocence. The stories that follow, in a time line, would actually predate the first poem. If that makes any sense. In an effort to guide readers through Paradise Alley, from time to time, the order of the stories will change, with insertions made to better round the tale out.

So take a visit back in time to Paradise Alley and its surrounding neighborhoods. Make some new friends and enjoy yourself. It was a very welcoming place and time.


I must admit that I seldom read other people's thank you's. They seem written from some form filled in, changing the names only. So with that in mind.....I shall add my own to the list of things passed over, as I am sure this is of no importance to anyone save me.

Let me start by mentioning that there are a very few who have commented on the stories I have posted elsewhere. Their words are no less important because they are few. Quite the contrary. Their words represent far more than I can ever thank them for properly.

Here I will use the names they do when critiquing portions of the Saga.

to: Norn_goddess, *keli*, michelle69 and wolfbane.... Your insight into the writings makes it all worthwhile. To be able to take you along on the journeys and know that you see through my eyes, humbles me. Thank you for the kind words, the giggles and the encouragement.

to: phiber. You offered The Paradise Alley Saga its first real "home" on the net. I am ever grateful to you for that. You gave me the courage to take them further. Thank you for your words. They have given mine meaning.

to: Firedance. Words do get in the way at times and so I offer you my humble thanks for all your time and effort you spent helping me search for just the right representations. Long, late night talks over coffee are the Best! And your coming back to us was a wonderful surprise, not unlike finding that perfect puddle. Jump in with BOTH FEET !

to: madmick. Oh what can I say? You are still holding my hand as I make this transition. Where are the thank you's that can say enough? You are truely a "new old friend".

Finally...? to ANGELISSE: My friend, my teacher, my sister of soul, my confidante, the other me. Where would I ever be without you? Your abstract musings inspire me, quirky words give birth to the stuff that saga's are made of. You're never far from me, though unobtrusive. You are My Muse.


Begin your journey with Saga I and continue on through the other Saga

If you have questions or comments, please e-mail me.